Why buy from us

Trading Standards Approved


The Trading Standards 'Buy with Confidence' scheme has been introduced to help consumers make an informed decision about traders they use giving them peace of mind. Through this we are commited to trading fairly.

AZ Car Sales were proud to have been the first car dealer invited to join Milton Keynes Council's Trading Standards scheme in Jan 2009.

In order for us to join, Trading Standards were required to carry out a full audit of the business and premises, carry out background checks and contact a random selection of our customers for references amongst other things.

Some of the other requirments of the scheme include:

~ Providing an honest and truthful description of the cars

~ Compliance with the letter and spirit of consumer protection law

~ Carrying out a pre-sales inspection of cars

~ Taking reasonable steps to verify recorded mileage on cars

~ Having a sound customer complaints procedure


We have now won two awards:
- 2014 Scoot Headline Awards - in recognition of our sucess and business practices
- 2018 UK Enterprise Awards hosted by SME News - Car Dealership of the year 2018 Milton Keynes


Do I need to make an appointment to view or test drive a vehicle?

You can come and view a car without an appointment. Occasionally in the week the site/office may be unmanned if we are out collecting cars, so it is advisable to confirm with us if you are coming down, especially if you are traveling any distance. This gives us the opportunity to ensure the car is ready for you and guarantees a member of staff will be available for you at your convenience.

Are you able to accommodate customers outside your opening times?

Yes we are by prior arrangement only. We appreciate the fact that customers may work similar hours to us so we will endeavour to accommodate your needs wherever possible.

Do you allow independent inspections?

Yes, we are happy for you to have the vehicle you are interested in independently inspected at your own cost.

I have outstanding finance on my car, what do I need to do?

We are able to buy or accept in part exchange vehicles with outstanding finance, often where the finance exceeds the value of the car. We will, deal with settlement of the finance on your behalf. We do however ask that you contact the finance company beforehand to request a settlement figure from them.

How quickly can I get my new car?

We are often able to get your new car ready within 24 hours, on average though you are looking at 48 hours. Please note that this can vary though as any repairs and preparation work is carried out by one of our third party nominated garages. For any customers traveling longer distances we are able to prepare vehicles in advance to enable you to take it away immediately. In these instances we would often take a deposit over the phone so to secure the vehicle for you.

How do I pay for my new car?

Normally we ask that you pay a minimum deposit once you have chosen your car, this way it is guaranteed your car. The remainder of the balance will then be payable on collection of the car. Payment can be arranged through finance, which is arranged at the initial part of the buying process when you have selected a car you like. Otherwise payment can be a bank transfer (must be cleared before collection of the vehicle), Cash, Debit card or Credit card (credit cards normally incur a small fee, usually 2.5% on the remaining balance). we are able to accept cheques and bank cheques/drafts, but we will require them to clear before releasing the vehicle (this could take 2 - 5 working days).

How do I apply for finance?

We are able to arrange finance on your behalf. We have a range of lenders/finance company's that we use. Initially you'll need to choose a vehicle, then we can complete a finance proposal form, which is your personal details and employment history. We will then endeavour to find the best deal for you. If we manage to get you a finance deal which you are happy with, we can arrange for the paperwork for you to sign, with which you will need to supply some identification which will be specified at the time. Identification is usually your driving licence, but sometimes with a combination of a proof of address, wage slips, and proof of signature.

What do I need for a test drive?

Please arrange a convenient time for a test drive and bring your photo ID driving licence. All test drives are accompanied for insurance purposes. If you are not comfortable driving yourself you can bring someone else (driving licence for this person will also be required), or we can drive it on your behalf with you as a passenger,

Can I part exchange my vehicle?

Yes, we will accept pretty much any car, MPV, 4x4, van, caravan and motorcycle. You will need to bring your vehicle in to us to value the car for you.

How do I tax my new car?

We can either tax the car for you at cost price, or we can supply you with the relevant information to do it yourself, which is usually the V5C/2 document reference number and registration number. This can now be easily done online via the DVLA website: https://www.taxdisc.service.gov.uk/

How is my new car registered?

When you arrive to pay for and collect you car, we will complete the V5C registration document with your details. We then send this section off to DVLA on your behalf. You will then retain the V5C/2 (green slip), as your tempoary registration document, until the new registration document arrives to you direct from DVLA (usually within 4 weeks).

What happens if you buy my car or take it in part exchange?

Once we have checked the car and paperwork over we will agree a price with you. If we are buying a car from you then we can pay by bank transfer, cheque or cash (for cash we will need to arrange this from our bank as we do not keep cash on site). If you are part exchanging we will offset your car against the car you are buying, and usually you will pay us the difference. We can also settle any outstanding finance on your car.

Are there any fees payable?

We charge a small £50 administration fee on the purchase of all our vehicles.

What are the advantages of buying from a car dealer?

The main advantage of buying from a dealer is your level of protection. When you buy a car privately you risk buying a car which has been an insurance write off, or one with finance still outstanding, and you will have no recourse from seller. With a dealer you will inveriably get some form of warranty, the length and extent of which will depend on the dealer. Most importantly you have consumer rights. Many dealers will also provide you with a data check on the car. We use a company called HPI, to make sure there are no hidden issues, which checks to make sure the car is not stolen, not an insurance write off, and does not have any outstanding finance. With most of our cars we also pay for a mileage check which will check to see if there are any discrepancies on the National Mileage Register. With all this in mind we still endeavour to market the car at a competitive price.